Unless otherwise indicated, all the pieces of art shown on this site are for sale. In case it’s unclear, the dimensions given under each piece are the height (H) and width (W) in millimetres of the image itself, not including any space occupied by the edition/title/signature information.


If you are interested in purchasing an artwork of mine, please contact me via email to discuss the price, to arrange a visit to view the art or, if a visit is not possible or convenient, to agree arrangements for collection or mailing.

I also welcome any constructive comments, questions or feedback you might have, whether regarding the website in general or individual artworks in particular. Please address these to me via email.


My email address is craig.hilton1@btinternet.com


Please note that, although the photographer has striven to represent each artwork as faithfully as possible, there will inevitably be a degree of discrepancy between the artwork as seen by the naked eye and its photographic representation on this website. In particular, contrast and colour may vary considerably as a result of the light conditions prevailing when the photograph was taken. As a general rule, colours will tend to be slightly stronger and richer in the real thing than in the photo.


Current & forthcoming shows


Any current or forthcoming exhibitions will appear here.


Craig Hilton

A big “thank-you” to Rob and Lulu at the Dzine Partnership [Dzine.London] for their expertise and patience in setting up this website.

Thanks to Dzine.London for setting up the website.

Contact me: email@spurious.com

Craig Hilton

Craig Hilton